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ANCIENT ALIENS BLOG #1 The First and Angriest God

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

How well do we really know our star?
No wonder our ancestors were terrified of it.

Let’s have a look at some of the more intriguing mysteries that have fascinated mankind ever since we crawled out of the oceans and started climbing trees…

We eventually lost the tail when we learned how to not fall out of trees.

On every continent around the globe, and more than a few of the islands, there is evidence to support the theory that our species has endured a long and chequered history of rises and falls—some of the blank spots in our collective memory stretch for hundreds of years or more.

We’ve been having a hard time growing a long-term, smart, compassionate society to move forward into the future with because something keeps happening that makes us forget ourselves on a regular basis.

That there were complex civilisations going back into antiquity is not in question—anyone can visit the pyramids, Stonehenge or the site at Göbekli Tepe and see for themselves that there was some amazing and inexplicable stuff happening way back when.

Evidence exists from before the rise of ancient Greece and the fall of Rome, before the Myceneans and the Minoans, before even Noah’s biblical flood—just how far back is a subject that I think deserves a series of blog posts all of its own.

They're trying to blame a comet for the ancient cataclysm here...
The ancient buried structures of Gobekli Tepe. Whoever built this did it a long, long time ago.

There’s another aspect to archaeology, and the analysis of ancient artefacts—one that might surprise the average armchair explorer.

A basic knowledge of geology is crucial, as is an appreciation for the concept of geological time.

Carbon 14 dating will only take you so close to a date of origin and no further, and the closer in time we try to look back on, the more critical the margins of error become.

For that reason, the last 12,000 years—and even further back—are a confusing muddle. We seem to be able to agree only on the fact that specific events happened at specific times, but much of the in-between goings on are rife with speculation that often grows in popularity before ultimately being proved false.

Aliens… Since the late 1940’s, and the alleged saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico, UFO fever has struck the world despite the best efforts of governments to suppress and ridicule the thousands of sightings by reputable witnesses on every continent, every year.

Way, way back, well before any of us became armchair experts about the existence/non existence of intelligent extra-terrestrials, our ancestors were mixing up powdered rock and painting what they saw on the walls of caves—in France, Germany, Australia, Asia, and across the Americas.

It was a weather balloon... filled with swamp gas.

That’s not hard evidence that we’ve been visited by aliens in flying saucers for the last twelve millennia, but it is evidence.

There are so many sources of evidence that something strange was going on back then, it’s pretty hard to ignore the content...

Ancient, pagan societies interpreted the things they saw and transformed them into ideas and symbols that have perpetuated into modernity, even though their true meanings did not. Ask any kid who’s ever sung ‘Ring’a’rosie’ and fallen down at the end what they’re talking about, and the odds are good they won’t know its origin.

We got the creepy aliens here in Australia. We get all the stuff no-one else wants.

As a species, we’re like those kids. We know the words, and we’ve visited the monuments, but we’ve forgotten what they mean.

Join me on my weekly quest to find an answer, somewhere, about something that’s been bugging us for too long. What really happened all those years ago?

Lately, I’ve been swayed by certain scientists and thinkers in a new direction. I mentioned geology before… turns out that those sedimentary layers in the Earth’s crust harbour a lot of secrets.

Some of those secrets are coming to light as these guys explore the geological evidence—there’s a bad guy in our solar system.

Every twelve millennia, give or take, the first and angriest God—our own star—likely experiences a cycle of cataclysmic violence that has appeared to catch us unawares every time.

This is not a good thing. Our amnesia masks a very real threat—one that the evidence suggests has eradicated fully-fledged technological civilisations in past ages. We need to wake up and start wondering why our ancestors were so obsessed with this giant burning ball of gas, so close to us.

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