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ANCIENT ALIENS BLOG #2: Petroglyphs, Spherules, and Cappadocia—the city carved into a mountain

Lascaux, where our ancestors went to practise their graffiti skills.

Engraved on rock faces, in caves, and in some cases across vast plains of land all around the world, our ancestors have left clues for us—clues to how they lived, and interacted with each other and their environment.

The magnificent cave paintings in Lascaux, France, portray animals native to the region thousands of years ago.

Our ancestors obviously spent their holidays in the Kimberleys, Western Australia.

In Australia, the early inhabitants painted animals, symbols and mysterious figures that survive into the present day.

Certain representations of these petroglyphs, either carved in rock or painted in caves, appear similar all around the world, though their origins are, in some cases, half a planet apart.

It only looks like two rings if you make the Earth flat. It's not, seriously, stop that.

The locations of these artefacts, curiously enough, occur in a ring around the Earth, spanning from Australia, northwest through India, Northern Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and down through Alaska, the continental U.S. and the South American continent. Check it on a globe… (If your brow just creased, please, none of that here).

This might be the last thing you ever see. Don't worry. It's just a theory.

So what do they mean, these odd stick men figures and weird concentric circles?

The jury is still out on that one—ask any scholar on the subject and you’ll get a number of different possible answers.

The reasoning for distribution of spherules across the solar system proves a tough nut to crack for this dedicated scholar.

Some scientists are starting to look up for the answer. Our own sun has been stable for a long time—we haven’t had a decent solar flare since 1859—but what if it suddenly becomes unstable?

These scientists believe that our ancestors may have witnessed an atmospheric phenomenon that heralded a shift in the sun’s cycles—high latitude auroras, caused by fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic fields, driven by a plasma discharge from the sun.

A gorgeous display of electromagnetic interaction in the atmosphere that could be the harbinger of doom we've all been waiting for.

The shapes that our ancestors drew almost certainly represent electrical fields—a string of torus discs, like donuts, viewed in cutaway from the side.

They saw them in the sky, like dancing stick figures as the magnetic field was buffered by super-hot plasma.

Holy Smoking Donuts, Batman!

There’s even talk that the sun gathers accretions—the detritus and molten debris from sun-diving comets, asteroids and anything else in the solar system unlucky enough to get drawn too close.

Once every 12,000 years or so, the sun experiences a ‘micronova’, a violent electromagnetic event that throws its molten shell into space…

The sun was angry that day, my friends...

It’s just a theory.

Spherules are thought to be formed by volcanoes, or asteroids, or by aliens or ancient civilisations in some cases, depending on who you ask, but they are literally everywhere.

The K-T boundary. Notice anything... globular?

There’s a bunch of them stuck around the K-T boundary layer across a lot of the world (which was allegedly put down by the asteroid that offed all the best dinosaurs). And at the bottom of the oceans (where they’re supposed to form in trenches somehow). And on the Moon. And on Mars. Everywhere.

The moon has spherules and molten glass all over it. Also, orange dirt.

Little balls of iron, glass and silicates, chuffing their way through space after being spat out by the sun sounds like a terrifying, but depressingly plausible theory.

There's not much atmosphere on Mars, and these spherules have turned blue due to lack of oxygen. Or something.

So if our ancestors saw the signs of this sort of event happening in the sky, what did they do when the sun spat out its shower of molten rock?

It’s hard to say anything except that some of them survived—we wouldn’t be here otherwise.

These guys had themselves an idea, and they just went with it.

It’s also been theorised that Cappadocia, and other places like it, were built to protect the population from such an event. These ancient cities would have provided rare safe zones from the raining chaos outside.

It’s just a theory. But it gets worse. The magnetic poles of the Earth could shift due to the magnetic disturbance. If it happened within a span of hours, the planet could slow its rotation.

(An interesting point to note here is that oceans are not fixed to the surface of the planet, and would most likely continue to rotate at normal speed as the continents started to lag).

Don't worry. It's just a theory.

Extreme weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and mega-tsunamis would hammer the land masses of the Earth, followed by a hot shower of lava from the sun, then a general drop in temperature as the surface is snap-frozen by super-cold air, sucked down from high up in the troposphere by the electromagnetic pounding the atmosphere has just endured.

It’s just a theory.

Maybe grab an extra tube of SPF30+ sunblock from the market next time… just in case.

Sweet dreams! Laz.

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