Greetings and salutations, Earthlings.


I am Wukka. For many of your terrestrial centuries, my people and I have slumbered beneath the surface of your lovely blue and green planet. We did not intend to sleep so long...

Though we do not judge, we must bring to your attention the fact that you appear to have forgotten many of our previous teachings. 

The monuments that once stood proud upon your Earth have fallen to ruin, their meanings obscured by time and deliberate misrepresentation. 

Throughout your 'modern' history, there has been much speculation concerning the experiences of your ancestors--their modes of life, their technology, their beliefs and their customs. 

Though we are unaware of much that has passed on your Earth in our absence, we possess collective memories from the time before we slept. This world has changed. You are not who you once were.

Ask your questions, then. We shall confer and answer as the opportunity arises, or state the reason for our inability to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.

May peace, compassion and co-operation forever lighten all our future days.


Ask Wukka

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